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  • Includes Kai minifigure
  • 1 orange fire spinner
  • 3 different weapons
  • Also includes character card, 4 battle cards and LEGO bricks
  • 19 elements

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Become a master of Spinjitzu!/Spin your way to victory and become a Spinjitzu master! Quick to anger, even quicker to act and armed with his golden sword, Kai is ready to battle for weapons and glory! Use the 4 battle cards included in the set to influence the outcome. Set includes 1 minifigure, 1 orange fire spinner, 3 weapons, 1 character card, 4 battle cards and LEGO bricks. * Includes Kai minifigure * Features 1 orange fire spinner, 3 weapons, 1 character card, 4 battle cards and LEGO bricks * Battle with your friends! * Spin Kai on the orange fire spinner! * Collect all of the Ninjago battle sets! * Stands over 2 (5cm) tall Fight the forces of evil with LEGO Ninjago Kai, Spinjitzu Master of Fire. Quick to anger, and even quicker to act, Kai comes ready to battle with three weapons and a bright orange spinner. Ninjas ages 6 to 14 can use the four battle cards to let him create special attacks as he spins with his favored golden sword. With a little luck--and a taste for trouble--you can help Kai burn through the competition.

Ninjago Logo
Kai, Spinjitzu Master of Fire
At a Glance:

Item #: 2111
Age: 6 to 14 years
Pieces: 19

Ninja of Fire
Weapon of Choice: Sword
Element of Color: Red
Strength: Attack

Ninjago At a Glance
Ninjago Kai, the Master of Fire
Help Kai blaze his way through the Skeleton Army. View larger.
Ninjago 3 Weapons
Arm your figure with the
Golden Sword of Fire. View larger.
LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu
Four brave ninjas stand against the evil Lord Garmadon and his Skeleton Army--but those skeletons don't stand a chance. Trained in the ancient martial art of Spinjitzu, Kai, Jay, Cole, and Zane must find the fabled golden weapons of Ninjago before Garmadon and his soldiers. Fight their enemies, travel through different worlds, and use the power of Spinjitzu to help our heroes battle against the forces of evil.

Ninjago character card and battle cards
Includes character and battle cards. View larger.
Spin Kai into Victory against Garmadon
LEGO's Ninjago Kai is like his fiery element--wild, quick, and dangerous. He loves getting into trouble, and can't wait to go on adventures with you. Featuring a flame orange spinner, players can fight on the side of good as they launch this 2-inch-tall red ninja against the Skeleton Army. Be the last one standing, and glory--as well as your enemy's weapon--is yours for the taking.

Boost Attacks with Cards and Weapons
Kai comes with three different weapons--including a special golden sword that allows you to play specific battle cards. Each of the four cards features tricks that will either boost your attack or foil your opponent's. Arm your ninja, choose your card, and spin to become the master of Spinjitzu.

Look Online to Help Your Spinning Techniques
Your strength, smarts, and courage can help defeat enemies everywhere--but even the best ninja needs practice. Use the included LEGO bricks to give your spinning skills a new edge. Look on the LEGO Ninjago website for tips on locking a spinner, aiming, and finding your own unique fighting style.

What's in the Box
LEGO Ninjago Kai with Kai minifigure, spinner, 3 LEGO bricks, 3 weapons, 4 battle cards, and character card.

Lego Ninjago Characters
Ninja of Fire
Weapon of Choice: Sword
Element of Color: Red
Strength: Attack
Ninja of Ice
Weapon of Choice: Shuriken
Element of Color: White
Strength: Stealth
Skeleton of Earth
Weapon of Choice: Machete
Element of Color: Black
Strength: Defense
Skeleton of Ice
Weapon of Choice: Pickaxe
Element of Color: White
Strength: Stealth
Skeleton of Lightening
Weapon of Choice: Bone
Element of Color: Blue
Strength: Speed

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